Gachin Gachin is a simple metronome that I made to introduce myself to programming for the Palm Pilot. When I'm practicing my taiko drumming, I can't hear the little Palm speaker, so I wanted to see the beats flashing. I also wanted some way to see the beat count, so I added that as well. Gachin Gachin gets its name from the Japanese onomatopoeic sound suggesting a ticking sound. Sort of the equivalent to the English 'tick tock'. Or so I had hoped. That was the definition that JWP dictionary gave me, but my wife told me later on that 'gachin gachin' was the onomatopoeic sound for two metal objects clacking together. A more appropriate sound for a clock would be 'chiku taku'. Nevertheless, I still prefer the sound of 'gachin gachin', so that's that! It's free, so give it a try and let me know if you like it.
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File Size 6.84 kB
Version 2.6
Operating System Mobile, Palm
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 2.0