LiftLog is a weightlifter's log book that tracks your personal best weightlifting efforts. Use it to improve your size and strength by discovering patterns within your best lifts (max reps) at each weight progression. Find out what exercises and rep ranges work best for you in the shortest time possible. When used with PocketCardio and PocketFitness, you can obtain an accurate profile of your aerobic and anaerobic progress. Get muscular and lean! Features: Record training date, exercise, weight, number of reps, and any notes that you want. All exercises are categorized by body part (e.g., Abdominals, Biceps, Back, Chest, etc.). Sort by Body Part, Date, Exercise, or any of the other fields. Filter reports by Body Part, Exercise, or create your own filters, such as your rep increases/weight progressions within the last month, last quarter, or last year--useful information for cyclical training methods. Tracks multiple users (Personal Trainers can track clients--especially 1RM baseline efforts) LiftLog is FREE! Enjoy.
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Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0
  • ThinkDB