This is an emualation of the rotor encryption machine ENIGMA. The simulation is accurate for the generic Wehrmacht 3-rotor enigma as well as for the Navys M4 model. The goal of this program is just historical curiosity and is meant to be of educational purpose only. It should not be used for any serious encryption. DISCLAIMER!!!!!It should be noted that the ENIGMA encryption is by no means secure by todays standards, as it is (in)famous for being cracked nearly all the way through WWII, starting in the mid-1930 by polish mathematicians and - with great effort - by the british during the whole WWII at Bletchley Park.DISCLAIMER END!!!!!This package contains the executable of the Palm Pilot PEnigma program (Penigma.prc) complete with all sources. The sources contain a full functional command line version of the program as well. It should compile right away with any decent C compiler. A Makefile for both the Palm and the command line version is provided.The file PEnigma.prc is the PalmPilot executable compiled for PalmOS 3.0 and above using Cygnus PRC-Tools and Palm WinSDK 3.5. Just load it into your Palm device the standard way and you are there. PEnigma is controlled using buttons to toggle through the rotor Grundstellungen, as well as menus to provide setup for rotor order, Ringstellung and Steckering (Plugboard).PEnigma is distributed under GNU general public license. No warranties!
Price USD0
License Free
File Size 107.42 kB
Version 1.3d
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0