Your datebook will never sound the same ! Need to personalize your Palm or Visor ? Want to replace the standard alarm sound with the latest Radiohead or R.E.M melody ? Or your own musical compositions?MonkeyAlarm lets you compose, edit, and install new Alarm sounds for your Palm, Handspring or Sony handheld. Download Alarm libraries from the web, store up to 3000 tones on your Palm, beam any Alarm to your friend's Palm. All this is just a few taps away !MonkeyAlarm features:Download thousands of Alarms from popular internet websites..Install them on your Palm MonkeyAlarm lets you edit, compose new Alarm sounds for your Palm, from your Palm. You can store thousands of Alarms on your handheld; Play , edit or archive your Alarms with a few taps You can beam Alarms from Palm handheld to Palm handheld, and share your creations with friends. The full featured tone composition module lets you compose your alarm melody on a virtual keyboard, change octave, key.
Price USD 6.95
License Purchase
File Size 112.3 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0 or higher