JFTrans is an easy to use Win95/98 package that reads JFile databases, translates them into Access format, and then loads the new MDB file into a fully editable grid for modification, viewing, or printing. JFile popup list data is loaded into a dropdown list so that you can easily select the item you want in the current cell. JFTrans provides tools to easily sort, search or filter the data anyway you want. JFTrans can seamlessly convert JFile data types to the more efficient Access types to reduce the size of the MDB files or allow you to do calculations on the Access data. JFTrans allows you to modify the field names used in the Access database, and translates the two automatically. You can also create a new Access file within JFTrans and define the associated JFile data structure at the same time, or create a JFile database from an existing Access file and import the records directly. You can easily rebuild and install the JFile PDB file using either the original field names or those used in the Access file. The new PDB can include all records in the database or only those that have been filtered in JFTrans. You can also export the data to another PDB file. JFTrans supports multiple users, so that you can maintain a common database on the desktop that can be shared with a group of users. All this and much more ! You do NOT have to have Access 97 installed to use JFTrans.
Price USD24.95
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File Size 8.87 MB
Version 1.71
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm