SMS Commander

SMS Commander is a first in remote control commanding of your Treo by using the power of SMS.. Just send a text message containing the command and your password and you�ll have a full control of your Treo anytime, anywhere. Everything can be set by request (on demand). This application could also be used to SPY or MONITOR your kin, friend, family, or co-worker�s Treo FOR FUN (highly discouraged), and the SMS commands will not appear on the recipient�s Treo. Please be aware such activity might be illegal in your country. We suggest you to check local laws before using SMS Commander for such case. The developer will not be liable to any outcome on such usage of this application. If someone has changed the SIM card on your Treo, this will not change the performance of your control over your device. SMS messages will still be forwarded to the phone number configured as the destination of the program, and you will still have the ability to to lock the phone, receive messages, along with the new phone number of the SIM, etc. FEATURES: Forward received SMS to any other mobile phone Remotely Compose, Reply and Send SMS using another mobile phone Everything can be set by request (on demand) Install, setup and forget Option to save to inbox all received SMS Remotely view missed, incoming, outgoing call logs Remotely lock your Treo Remotely remove, change, and clear the system password Remotely check the battery level Remotely check the radio signal strength Remotely reset your Treo Remotely search contact from your address book Remotely enable/disable SMS forwarding Remotely change the destination number Remotely enable/disable saving to inbox Remotely check if your Treo is plugged in Remotely check the heap and storage size of RAM Remotely check the external card info Remotely set SMS Commander password Remotely show/hide SMS Commander The software starts up automatically upon phone boot Information about the original message sender is included in the forwarded message content Only SMS is forwarded. MMS or EMS is not supported FREE Radio application which can turn radio after reset Remote hardreset. Wipe out the Treo's RAM remotely NEW: Remotely get the list of the available software and run an app arbitrarily NEW: Mobile number registration NEW: Support for email/SMS gateway
Price USD 15
License Purchase
File Size 355.47 kB
Version 1.08
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Treo (CDMA or GSM) 600, 650, 680, 700p, 755p devices