aClock is a fantastic product as shown by the frequency of feature updates. The developers are without peer when it comes to lightning quick response time to user queries and suggestions. Don't waste your time and money on other pieces of software that allow you to program just a couple of international cities; aClock allows more than 20 city settings. Coupled with aTimer, aStopWatch, aSundial and aDSTKeeper, A0Soft Inc are a highly competent and professional company that offer an excellent suite of applications. Built-in 1170+ cities' UTC and DST information. Shows 23 cities' time on your Palm. You can also set some cities as blank if you don't want to see so many cities. Changes time at different time zones without affecting Palm's system time. If you are traveling to a different city, the "As Home City" function enables you to change Palm's system clock based on your destination. Powerful date calculator functions. It enables you to calculates the duration between two dates and adds or subtracts days to or from a given date. City name, UTC(Coordinated Universal Time), coordinate and DST all are customizable. You can also add new cities or delete any existing cities to or from the world city database. Supports DST (Daylight Saving Time) automatically and has flexible DST settings to make any possible DST rule, as defined by your country. Shows the Internet time and the current time to the second on the main screen. Enables you to add notes for each world city. Sort world cities by the city name or UTC in ascending or descending order. Shows the latitude and longitude information for each world city. Enables you to change the time with the graffiti input or page up/down key easily. Supports Palm 5-way navigator. Supports Hi-Res (320x320). Tightly integrated with aAlarm and aDSTKeeper. The intelligent quick-find technology enables you to pick a city from the aClock built-in city list easily and quickly. With the provided 203 countries database, you can also choose a city through a country. aClock supports many plug-in tools. E.g. aTimer (a countdown timer program), aStopWatch (a stopwatch program), aSundial (a state-of-the-art analog clock), aTimeMap (shows world city times on the world map). Enables you to store plug-in tools on the memory expansion (SD) card. Last but not least, gray-level is supported for your B&W Palm and color is also supported by aClock.
File Size64.4 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0 or higher