A universal remote control program for 3COM's Palm Pilot PDA! They said it couldn't be done, but we've proven them wrong! The OmniRemote? software for the Palm III and Pilots with an OS 3.0 upgrade card is available for download now. If your Pilot doesn\'t have IR, OmniRemote hardware modules solves that problem! Features include: Completely configurable UI: Draw your own buttons wherever you want on the screen Unlimited number of buttons: Create as many buttons as you like- no hard limit IR learning function: Train an unlimited number of remotes Unlimited macro support: Macros allow you to perform a sequence of actions with a single keypress with no limit on the number keys within a macro Timer Support: 32 timers let you schedule macros for unattended operation "Flip screen mode": Screen can be operated upside-down or right-side-up. (Convenient for models with the IR emitter located at the bottom of the unit.)
File Size282.23 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 3.0