Finally, a database program for both your desktop and handheld to organize everything your handheld's built-in applications don't handle. With dbNow Deluxe, you can use your handheld to manage information you never dreamed possible! Quickly and easily create an infinite number of customized databases or create your own using one of the included database design templates. Add data easily with a mouse and keyboard, your handheld, or by importing an existing database. Access handy reference databases, powerful search tools, full printing, multiple user capabilities and more. dbNow Deluxe also has automatic record-by-record comparison that combines all your edits whether they were made from your desktop or handheld - each and every time you sync. Save valuable time by eliminating duplicate data entry and have piece of mind that new information will not accidentally be overwritten by an older version. Plus, dbNow Deluxe takes this one step further by offering users the ability to share databases with co-workers, friends, and family members.Handheld users know that one of the best things about having a handheld is the ability to turn idle time into productive time. dbNow Deluxe lets you organize and update your information at home, in the office, while traveling - anywhere. It's the only database program you'll need to keep up-to-date information at your fingertips.Perfect for Home, Office, Traveling - Anywhere Use one program for both your desktop and handheld to organize all of your information into personalized databases and take it with you wherever you go.Design your Own Database or Start with a Design Template Create custom databases to meet all of your personal and business needs using the 4-step wizard or use any of the included ready-made design templates to get started.Import and Export to/from Favorite Programs Save time and reduce data entry by importing/exporting using a CSV file format. Plus, have the flexibility to create reports, presentations and analyze data in favorite programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Access.Enter Data Easily on your Handheld or Desktop Save time spent on data entry by using your desktop mouse and keyboard, or clone similar records to use as templates. Plus, use data entry timesavers like checkboxes, multiple choice menus, and copy and paste.Syncs Like you Expect it to Efficient and fast "synchronizing" of data between a user's desktop and handheld device has long been recognized as one of the key strengths of the Palm OS�®. Like the Palm OS, dbNow Deluxe gives you the freedom to make updates on your desktop or handheld from home, work, or on the road, and feel confident that all of your data is complete and accurate.Many handheld database products compare records in only one direction or not at all, forcing you to enter data twice or worse accidentally overwriting the most current copy. dbNow Deluxe's true record-by-record sync, searches for and combines edits made on both your handheld and desktop ensuring you have the most current data every time you sync.Plus, dbNow Deluxe takes syncing one step further offering multi-user capabilities. Multiple people on multiple devices can make additions and updates to the same database. Imagine, keeping up-to-date with client information collected by on-the-road sales people. Or, envision one central household address list that you and your spouse can each modify during the workday on your own devices.dbNow Deluxe's syncing capabilities allow you to:Save time. You only need to enter or copy data onceBe flexible. Use your desktop, laptop, or handheld to make changes to the same databaseReduce frustration. Sync automatically, no need to figure out special commands or settingsShare data. It's easy for multiple users to share the same database. Great for team projects, client lists, medical charts, families, or personal useEndless Possibilities Create an infinite number of customized databases to manage all of your information. Ideas include:Product CatalogsCustomer ManagementMoney ManagementEmployee RecordsBirthdays and AnniversariesShopping ListsFitness TrackingWedding PlanningDirect Mail CampaignsCD CollectionsTravel SchedulesCreate your own or get started with dbNow Deluxe ready-made design templates*Bonus! Access ten handy reference databases including*Business TermsUS Area CodesInternational Calling CodesUS Airport AbbreviationsNutritional Information100 Drink RecipesWorld State Capitals*Some database designs and reference databases are included with the application. dbNow Deluxe 2.0 users can download additional database designs and reference databases for free.Additional dbNow Deluxe Features Enter data easily on your handheld or desktop using a variety of field typesSearch by a single field or multiple criteria, sort up to 5 fields, sort by categories and save frequently used searchesPrint from your desktop using one of 40+ print formatsMAccommodate almost any text and numeric data you can think of with up to 250 fields per record, 16,000 records per database and 32 KB of text per fieldEasily reverse mistakes with undeleteFast and easy handheld viewingUse automatic calculations to multiply, divide, add, subtract within a record and moreNote: The demo version limits the maximum size of a database to 24 records
File Size1.24 MB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmÃ?® OS 3.0 or higher