TapPad is a protective overlay and software driver that adds a numeric keypad and common editing functions to the Graffiti area of any Palm OS device. With TapPad, often used operations like cut & paste, cursor movement, and backspace, as well as forward delete, are only a single tap away.Also included are convenient one-tap upper/lower case conversion and capitalization functions to whip your notes into shape, as well as stroke-saving punctuation and special character popup menus, and a clippings popup menu to store your commonly used words and phrases. A system-wide multiple clipboard maintains a history of the last 10 cut/copy operations. Convenient center-crossing caps feature allows you to write capital letters by simply making the stroke cross the alpha/number boundary.TapPad complements your Palm device in every way, without ever getting in your way. Graffiti input is not compromised - you can tap the TapPad buttons or write the usual Graffiti strokes right on top of them. You can also continue to use other popular extensions with no worry of conflicts.The TapPad overlay is designed to complement the looks of any Palm device rather than cover it up, in the same way that the TapPad driver enhances the functionality of Graffiti, rather than replacing it.Made of a thin, translucent, wear-proof material designed to last many months under heavy use, the overlay has a slightly textured surface that is a pleasure to write on. Graphics are imprinted on the back of the overlay so the surface is completely smooth, flat, and scratch-proof. It is secured to your device with a low-tack adhesive, so it is always easily removed and replaced without harm to your Palm screen.TapPad is distributed as a 30-day trial, including a printable overlay for trial use. After purchase, you'll receive a set of 5 overlays that fully implement the enhanced features of TapPad.TapPad is available for purchase through PalmGear and directly through our secure website at TapPad.com, and is only $19.95.TapPad seamlessly integrates with and complements the familiar entry and editing features of your Palm device, from the "stealth" industrial design of the TapPad overlay, to the time-saving and intuitive features of the TapPad driver. Try TapPad for only a few minutes and you'll wonder how you got along without it!
Price USD 19.95
License Purchase
File Size 152.34 kB
Version 2.02
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0 or higher