Softick CardExport II for Palm OS

Softick Card Export II turns Palm handheld into SD/MMC card reader. Most handheld users thought about using a memory card as an external storage device and access it without additional card reader. There is a solution Softick Card Export II for Palm OS, an application for handheld, emulating USB Mass Storage device. Plug your Palm into cradle or connect to USB cable, run Card Export II application, tap "Connect to Desktop" button, and after a few seconds desktop drivers automatically mount inserted SD/MMC card as a logical disk. Card Export II for Palm OS features: Card Export II for Palm OS emulates industry standard USB Mass Storage device; No need for additional drivers or software on desktop PC; Easy-to-use and fast data transfer; Allows to perform fast backup and restoration of your card contents; Helps to perform a storage card maintenance, format flash card and check filesystem integrity using desktop operating system.
File Size139.94 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements<UL> <LI>Palm OS 4.0 (Palm OS 5 compatible and enhanced</LI>) <LI>Works with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Me on desktop, Windows 98/Mac OS X 10.3 or better</LI> <LI>USB connection</LI> <LI>Color support: Yes</LI> <LI>Hi resolution support: Yes</LI> <LI><b>Supported devices:</b> Palm m500/m505/m515, Palm Tungsten T, T2, T3, T5, E, C, W Palm Zire 71/21 handhelds, PalmOne Treo 600, PalmOne Treo 650, PalmOne Treo 680, Palm Treo 700p, Tapwave Zodiac 1, 2 including Tapwave Zodiac 1.1 ROM Update, Palm Zire 31, Palm Zire 72, Palm TX, Palm Z22, Aceeca Meazura RDA</LI> <LI><b>Currently unsupported devices:</b> Kyocera devices, Palm m130, Sony Clies, Treo 90.</LI> </UL>