Labs 360Ã?â??Ã?°

Labs 360�?????�????�???�??�?�° is a clinically oriented laboratory guide written for the healthcare provider who wants to understand what a given test is, its clinical significance, and how the test can aide in patient diagnosis and treatment. Edited by a practicing clinician, Labs 360�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�° provides the most extensive and most relevant diagnostic and clinical information about tests for use in the point of care environment. Labs 360�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�° was specifically developed for use on mobile devices, with a consistent and intuitive format. Healthcare providers will be able to rapidly obtain a description of the test; understand its clinical utility; and see what a high or low value might mean. Labs 360�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�° covers all of the most popular laboratory tests. And the breadth of content is constantly expanding, with substantial updates available every 4-6 weeks (updates free during the term of your subscription).
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Version 11.1.0
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