Hebrew Palm OS Localization (Hebrew PiLoc)

Hebrew PiLoc localization system provides localization of Palm OS device to Hebrew: Hebrew fonts, on-screen keyboard layout, additional Graffiti layout, optional translation of Palm OS interface.Hebrew PiLoc features: Built-in system fonts replacement to add Hebrew letters. Alternative Graffiti layout to write Hebrew letters. Additional on-screen keyboard layout for Hebrew letters. Special module for external keyboard is included. Optional: provides full translation of built-in Palm OS application interface to Hebrew language (all dialogues, icons, menus, buttons will be translated to Hebrew) - only for Handspring Visor Prism, Platinum, Neo, Pro, Edge. Right alignment of User Interface of internal applications (only if full translation is activated). Correct selection, Copy/Cut/Paste operations for mixed text (both Hebrew and English). Correct search and sorting operations for Hebrew text. Possibility to install several additional language support systems (for example, Hebrew and Russian). Protection from cycling reset. Installation into Flash-ROM is supported. Free of charge automatic update service.
Price USD39.95
License Purchase
Version 3.6
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 3.5 or Higher