Snoozy lets YOU pick how long you want to Snooze! If it has ever annoyed you that the calendar or your alarm only let you snooze for 5 minutes, you need Snoozy.Until now, you could only snooze for 5 minutes. Snoozy fixes that. You can choose from 3 new snooze page layouts with complete customisability of your snoozing! You pick how long you want to snooze for.Snoozy integrates directly with your palm, so it can replace the standard 'Attention Manager' This means that it can help you manage the host of applications that alert you through the normal system alerts. These include the built in calendar application, versamail, tasks and most applications by independent developers.
File Size410.16 kB
Version1.14 beta
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 3.5 or higher