9.95 DRINKS is the ultimate mixed drink recipes guide for your Palm OS handheld. Choose from hundreds of recipes, and 9.95 DRINKS will give you the required ingredients and step-by-step mixing instructions. Show off your bartending skills and impress your friends! 9.95 DRINKS boasts an extensive drinks database including both famous and lesser known cocktails Prepare great mixed drinks for yourself and your friends Whether you are throwing a party or going out, 9.95 DRINKS is the perfect mixed drink guide! Convenient and simple to use Easily search drinks by type, ingredient, and/or glassware: you are guaranteed to find what you want! Frequently-used functions are only one tap away and come with informative help screens Add your own creations to the database Add new drinks based on a predefined set of ingredients You can even define new ingredients! Purchase with confidence 30-DAY unconditional money back guarantee SECURE online ordering NO WAITING: Instant download FREE lifetime software upgrades SAME DAY customer support *** 9.95 SOFT *** www.995soft.com *** BEST SELLING SOFTWARE AT $9.95 *** 9.95 DRINKS is based on MiniBar, released under the GPL and copyright 2001-2004 Ray Vanderborght.
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5
  • 250k available memory