TeamAgenda Mobile provides the power of real-time interactive mobile collaboration anytime, and anywhere you need it from wireless PDAs. TeamAgenda Mobile is an innovative solution for mobile professionals, that allows them and their teams to respond to their fast changing environment. Using their wireless PDAs and TeamAgenda Mobile, professionals, managers, sales representatives, technicians, real state agents and many other mobile workers can now easily: - check and modify their own schedule, to-do lists, contact lists in real-time - check, assign and change their staff's schedules in real-time - check their corporate contact lists at any time answer their notifications in real time - see real-time changes to their meetings and tasks made by other team members or office staff - schedule meetings with their staff, and their customers in real-time - reserve and schedule corporate resources in real-time.
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements�¢â?¬�¢ A PDA browser supporting cookies and JavaScript �¢â?¬�¢ Internet/network access through your mobile service provider or WiFi access point �¢â?¬�¢ Direct access to http sites TeamAgenda Mobile works with Microsoft Windows Mobile V5 and later releases.