Ever get bored of the same old wallpaper on the main Phone application? Ever wish you could easily change the picture or even randomly cycle through a list of pictures automatically? Would it be cool to add voice sound files when you change Tabs on the Phone application? Visual Arts is a cool utility designed specifically for the Treo�® 680 to automatically change the wallpaper for the Main screen in the Phone application. You can set to change the picture each time you Launch the Phone application or set a timer to change. You just assign the picture folder and then Visual Arts will cycle thru all the pictures in the folder. Optionally you can assign a MP3 sound file for each tab screen in the Phone app. For example: When you go into the dial screen you can play the default dial.mp3 or choose a customize sound.
File Size367.19 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • 50K memory
  • SD Card such as SD or MMC
  • TreoÃ?® 650/700P/680/755/Centro