At its simplest, STSTray is an application that allows you to display an icon in the Windows system tray. But it does so much more! Using the TrayScript scripting language it can also: Display a menu when the user clicks on the icon, and take actions when the user selects an item from the menu Display a tooltip when the mouse passes over the icon Display a notification balloon under Windows XP and Windows Vista Flash the icon at a user-settable time interval Switch back and forth between two icons at a user-settable time interval Display an "answer" dialog box with different settings, and capture the selection made by the user to pass back to another application Write a file to disk Launch a program with optional parameters Check a web server and notify users when updates to your product is available: GREAT FEATURE! Prepare an email in your local email program Open a web browser and go to a specific web site Download files from the web Perform actions based on a timed interval, either once, or every X period of time Perform actions on trapped events in one of two ways: once only, or every time the event occurs Dynamically install menu handlers on the fly so you can change the menu items and the capabilities of those items on-the-fly Delete a file from disk A fully-featured demo is available for download - the only difference between the purchased version and the demo is that a splash screen is shown when the STSTray application is launched in the demo. Give it a try - you'll like what you see...
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.04 MB
Operating System Windows XP Windows 95 Windows Vista Windows 2003 Windows Windows NT Windows 98 Windows 2000