Aster Data Systems is a proven innovator in high-performance analytical databases, bringing deep insights on massive data analyzed on clusters of commodity hardware. Companies are looking to do more with growing amounts of data. Data warehouses today are unable to scale to meet business analytics demands, requiring organizations to either discard high-potential data or simplify their analysis. Aster nCluster transforms off-the-shelf commodity hardware into a powerful, self-managing, and scalable analytic database capable of handling the most demanding data warehousing environments. Companies no longer have to sacrifice insight because of limitations in performance, scale, or manageability. Aster has solved the decades-old issues with shared-nothing MPP databases the network bottleneck. The key to the Aster nCluster architecture is a series of patent-pending algorithms and processes that control the placement, partitioning, balancing, replication and querying across clusters of intelligent nodes. Aster overcomes the typical bottlenecks and inefficiencies of both vertical (scaling up) and horizontal (scaling out) approaches, resulting in significant cost, scale, availability and analytic advantages of Asters solution.
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