FileHierToClipCMPlugin is a contextual menu plugin that can generate a text representation of a file/folder hierarchy and place it on the Clipboard. Once installed, when a contextual menu is invoked (control-click) FileHierToClipCMPlugin checks if the contextual menu was invoked on a file or folder (or any other Finder item). If so, a "FileHierToClip!" menu item is added to the contextual menu. Upon selecting this menu item, if the clicked upon item is a file, the file's name is placed on the Clipboard. If the clicked upon item is a folder (or a disk), a textual representation of the hierarchy of files and folders within the clicked upon folder is generated and placed on the Clipboard. Invisible items are ignored. Once the text is on the Clipboard, you can then paste it wherever text can be pasted.
File Size430.35 kB
Operating System Mac OS X 10.4 Intel Mac OS X 10.4 PPC Macintosh
System RequirementsMac OS X 10.4 or higher, PowerPC-based or Intel-based Mac (Universal Binary).