This application is designed to provide you with a visual representation of the 4GB address space each 32-Bit Windows Application works with. When started, the application enumerates your currently running processes. You can then select a process to view an image representing its memory usage. The image consists of 1024x1024 cells - each cell represents a 4KB page of RAM for the current process. Selecting certain pages will bring up the current RAM contents in a Hex/ASCII window. Version release is a total rewrite of the previous dialog-based viewer app. The GUI is all new. New additions include an ASCII text search tool, a Goto-Address tool and tool-tip blurbs to show DLL load locations and peek at memory contents. Additionally, the method used for displaying the memory space has been optimized to hopefully speed up drawing.
LicenseFree to try
File Size580.38 kB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows
System RequirementsWindows 2000/XP, fast video card recommended