This application is simple digital clock, but it has very interesting switching between digits, you can endless watch it, as you watch water or fire. New version is fully redesigned and restyled, has very beautiful background with star sky, added a lof of features: alarm (works in 2 modes: every day alarm, one time alarm), on/off displaying date on the main screen, on/off displaying alarm on the main screen (when alarm is displaying on the screen you can see if it is turned on or off and also you are able quickly switch it between on/off states by tapping on the alarm icon), starting clock in fullscreen/normal mode, set your own volume for alarm (now you shouldn't care if your system volume on or off or how loud it is, alarm uses volume you set in its own properties), set your own sound for alarm (you can choose any .wav file from any folder on your windows mobile device)
File Size326.5 kB
Operating System Windows Mobile 2003 Mobile Pocket PC 2002
System RequirementsPocket PC 2002/Windows Mobile 2003, Microsoft.Net Compact Framework