A heavy duty D&D attack roller. Ideal for high-level monks and fighters, but saves time for anyone as it performs several dice rolls and calculations in under a second. 12 extra roll/bonus slots. Basically, the program will run through your sequence of attack bonuses and apply them (with damage on successful hits) to the enemy entered. Enter weapon information from character sheet (attack bonuses, attack die, damage die/bonus, and critical) and enemy information (AC and damage reduction) and it will roll and display all attack rolls (confirming criticals or CFUs with an extra roll), roll and display all damage rolls for successful attacks (including critical multipliers and enemy damage reduction), and display the total damage to the enemy. QuickRoll: contains 12 slots for simple dice rolls. Perfect for spells requiring a large number of die (fireball) or spells that require multiple die and bonuses (magic missle).
File Size1.06 MB
Operating System Pocket PC 2000 Mobile Windows Mobile 2003
System RequirementsPocket PC/Windows Mobile 2003