ReMapPro is a COM port utility designed to make serial data from your PC available on TCP/IP-based network. ReMapPro allows serial (RS232) data from your PC available on TCP/IP-based networks and makes TCP/IP data available on serial ports on your PC. This makes it possible for any other computer on the same network to send and receive serial data through a remote serial port on the PC where the Comport is running. You can connect to the remote serial port by connecting to a TCP/IP port. It consists of the Comport, DuPlexDr, Comserv and ComSetup utilities. DuPlexDr allows you to create a pair of virtual serial ports "virtually connected to each other" in your system. Comserv is a software program that designed to be used as a standard MS Windows NT service. Comserv's functionality and settings are just the same as of Comport. Additionally, you can control the behavior of Comserv as the NT service. ComSetup allows you to control the networking aspects.
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Operating System Windows Me Windows 95 Windows Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows XP Windows NT