SleepTight provides a simple way to lock your machine when it goes to sleep or lock from a keyboard hotkey. Surprisingly, OS X's built in screensaver does not start automatically when the machine goes to sleep. Since the screensaver is the only Apple-supplied method of locking your machine without logging out, this means that a machine which has been put to sleep may wake up unlocked if the screensaver did not start on its own before the sleep timeout. This is especially frustrating for PowerBook users, who typically put their machines to sleep by closing the lid. Since the lid closure doesn't start the screensaver, the PowerBook will awaken unlocked. Apple will be fixing this in the next version of MacOS X (10.3 Panther). Until then you can use SleepTight. SleepTight offers several advantages over similar tools: Screensaver is only started at sleep if its not already running (prevents the dueling screensaver flicker of death). If possible, the screensaver is started before sleep, so that when the machine awakes the screensaver is already started (no flicker of visible desktop). Screensaver preferences are automatically modified at sleep to enable the screensaver password prompt, even if it has been turned off in the Screen Effects system preferences. Start the screensaver from a custom hotkey.
File Size140.6 kB
Operating System Mac OS X 10.2 Macintosh
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.2 only