With the Slide Projector Controller you can use your PPC to control your slide projector for the classic photographic slides. This is not an electronic slide-projecting tool like Powerpoint. With the Slide Projector Controller you can make an automated projection show of a series of maximum 1000 slides for the registered version. You can program your slide presentation with a specific show time for each individual slide; from 1 to 59 seconds. The programming of your presentation is very simple to do. Just show your presentation for the first time via the Slide Projector Controller and all the show times are logged in a file. The next time that presentation is shown, just open the file and let the Slide Projector Controller does the job. To use the Slide Projector Controller you have to build an IR interface to connect to your slide projector. To this software package is added an electronic scheme.
LicenseFree to try
File Size2.11 MB
Operating System Pocket PC 2000 Mobile
System RequirementsPocket PC