PocketConsole is software, which provides a console device for Pocket PCs. Consoles manage input and output (I/O) for character-mode applications (applications that do not provide their own graphical user interface). PocketConsole has built in advanced features from the Windows NT console. Since PocketConsole is full compatible with Microsoft's Windows CE device driver model you can run any character-mode application written for Windows CE Handheld's on your Pocket PC without modification. On the applications page you can download some character-mode programs which run on PocketConsole. If you are a Pocket PC software developer, then PocketConsole will simplify porting console mode applications from Windows and Unix to the Pocket PC. Version 1.3 features: the PocketConsole menu has been changed to accord with the PocketPC design guidelines. (You will find the Close button under the Tools menu now); added QuickEdit button at the command bar; added In line input mode you can use the stylus to place the cursor; fixed: the dwControlKeyState member of the INPUT_RECORD structure delivered a bogus value.
File Size88.5 kB
Operating System Pocket PC 2000 Mobile
System RequirementsPocket PC