From the developer: ""LSM2 - Land Survey Module 2 - Traverse - COGO in the palm of your hand! Set Latitude & Departure Coordinates - Use this feature to set new latitude and departure coordinates. Enter a bearing or azimuth and a distance to set the new station points. Move to the new station with the press of a button. Inverse between Coords - Use this feature to calculate the bearing and distance between 2 sets of known stations. Displays the distance, azimuth in dec degs, and bearing in dms. Field Angle Traverse - Use this feature to perform a stake out or traverse. Set up on a known station (Northing/Easting), backsight a known station, then assign new stations by entering angles (in dms) and distances to the new points. Angles can be turned to the right or the left. Intersections - Bearing-Bearing & Bearing-Distance Conversions - Bearing to Azimuth & Azimuth to Bearing & Bearings to Angle & DMS to DD & DD to DMS You can enter the angles the way you want; Bearings in DMS, Bearings in DD, Azimuth in DMS, Azimuth in DD. NOTE: Only the 'Set Lat & Dep' functionality works in this demo.""
LicenseFree to try
File Size73.03 kB
Operating System Mobile Pocket PC 2000
System RequirementsPocket PC