AutoCheck configures Disk First Aid to check all your disks at once. Skips remote and read-only volumes, tries multiple times to check a busy disk, and checks the start-up disk last. Nearly every parameter is user-adjustable for maximum flexibility and speed. If the Caps Lock key is engaged when AutoCheck starts, it quits without checking anything (useful if you have it in your Startup Items folder, but want a quicker start-up). You can set the number of times AutoCheck tries to check a busy disk, the interval to wait between checks of a busy disk, the time to pause after launching before starting the check, and opt to have AutoCheck run only once a day.
File Size136.73 kB
Operating System Macintosh
System RequirementsSystem 7.5 to OS 9.x, Disk First Aid, Akua Sweets and Dialog Director scripting additions