OmniRemote is a universal infrared remote control for the Palm OS. It uses infrared light to communicate with TVs, VCRs, and many other devices that use IR. The Palm III has infrared capability built in, but older Pilots will require that an <A HREF="">OmniRemote Module</A> (not currently available) be purchased and plugged into the bottom of the PalmPilot. Features include a configurable user interface, the ability to create an unlimited number of buttons and label them with text, and an unlimited number of macros. This updated version works with the infrared on 3Com's Palm OS 3.0 upgrade card. The unregistered evaluation version is restricted to 15 days of use, and only buttons in the TV category will operate. The registration fee is $20. Developer Changes: OmniRemote Universal Learning Remote Control Software features: Support for built in IR and IR cards/modules for all Palm OS devices. Completely configurable UI means you can draw your own buttons wherever you want. Create an unlimited number of buttons. Buttons can be labeled with text and familiar "tape deck style" icons. Learning feature lets you train an unlimited number of remotes. Up to 15 different screens of buttons. An unlimited number of macros let you perform a sequence of actions with a single keypress. 32 timers let you schedule macros for unattended operation. Timers can repeat daily, weekly, every weekday or at specified intervals. Screen can be operated right-side-up or in upside-down "flip screen mode" (sideways on Handspring). Any of the bottom function keys (hard keys)can be re-defined. High resolution screen support. Color display support. Create your own screen backgrounds, buttons or themes. Compatible with all Palm devices.
LicenseFree to try
File Size298.32 kB
Operating System Mobile Palm OS 3.x
System RequirementsPalm OS 3.0