Sleeper delivers a host of energy-saving features that now work on nearly every Macintosh, from the Mac Plus to the latest iMacs and G4 PowerMacs. Sleeper provides more options, greater control, and broader hardwarecompatibility than Apple's Energy Saver control panel. This gives older Macs many of the energy saving features of Apple's newer hardware, and provides newer Macintoshes with more extensive and more flexible power management.Users have also reported that Sleeper has helped them overcome problems they've experienced with Apple's Energy Saver control panel. Sleeper's greater configurability, combined with its independence from many of the Mac's built-in power saving functions, allows them to avoid some of the common "insomnia" and "permanent sleep" problems that occur on iMacs and G3/G4 PowerMacs.
Price USD 25
License Purchase
File Size 800.23 kB
Version 3.5
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
  • System 7 or higher