Dear Web Encryptor

Every day, several website owners become victims of people who steal Text Content, Image Content and HTML, HTML5, BootStrap codes. If you do not protect your Text Content, Image Content and Source Code, you could even allow your entire site to be cloned by such people, in minutes, even without any credit or profit to you. Using this software is the only way to protect your HTML, HTML5, BootStrap websites from being stolen. What do you want? Only Source Code protection. Source Code protection + Image and Text Protection. Both options are open, you can choose any way. How 'Image and Text Protection' works? Text drag and drop will not be possible. Image drag and drop will not be possible. Image download by clicking right button is impossible. If anyone takes screenshot, will get 72 dpi, not 300 dpi. Disables Ctrl+s to save web-page as local file. Disables Ctrl+u and F12 to View Source. Disables keys Ctrl+a, Ctrl+x and Ctrl+v. Disables Print Command. Disables Ctrl + c button in keyboard to copy anything. Disables On-Screen keyboard for copy command. Disables mouse dragging to copy text. Disables right click for copy command (but URL will not be blocked). How this Source Code protection method works? Works with HTML files. You can protect JavaScript and CSS code keeping inside html files. You can convert the code of whole HTML file (or a part of it, for example JavaScript and CSS code keeping inside html file). No portion of the encrypted HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, BootStrap code can be copied from the protected file and reused in other files. It is not possible to determine which part of the protected source corresponds to a given element of the page visual layout. Protected code can not be edited with any text or WYSIWYG editor like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage - even the smallest change in it will result in a non-working file . Protects the source code through a very complex code obfuscation. There are many dishonest web designers that download the entire sites of their successful competitors, just change some images and texts and have "their" site up and running in less than a day without any effort - when it may take weeks or even months of hard work to develop, test and optimize the original site. If this happens to you, it will make you site less competitive and let other people benefit from your work, knowledge and experience for free.
Price USD 99
License Purchase
Version 2.0
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7
System Requirements None