CRYPTO! The name says it all! Have you ever wanted to send a secret message to someone but have feared that the message might be read by someone else to whom it wasn't intended to? Or have you ever wanted to keep secret files that you can only read!? Well, now we present to you CRYPTO!, the all in one Cryptography application brought right to your PC by Intelligent Media! So basically, CRYPTO! is an app that encrypts/decrypts messages(text only) with the key provided by you. Wait a minute! The KEY? Yes. The Key. It is basically a word which is used by the app to encrypt the message. The key can be anything you(the user) wants; a name, word, anything! Its up to the user to choose the key for encryption. The Key is like the password to your secret message. Without the key(which you used to encrypt), you cannot decrypt the message. CRYPTEX. The BRAIN of the app. If you think we just substituted random letters for your messages, we are insulted. Inside CRYPTEX, there exists a simple but complicated algorithm that does the Encryption, Decryption and various other functions. Without CRYPTEX, the app is as good as DEAD! To add to your joy, CRYPTEX works OFFLINE! ie- It works even without an active internet connection! That's the level of sophistication present in CRYPTEX. And obviously CRYPTO! and CRYPTEX are free to download and distribute! Finally, to all the ladies of SSK(class of 2013), DON'T TRY TO DECRYPT CSAOSS XOMA!! IT WON'T WORK! :D :P FEATURES: 1. Auto Saves your log! - You can find your log in the 'lib' folder in the file (username).doc! :D :P 2. Highly complicated algorithm used; difficult to break the code! Therefore, secure! 3. Easy to use UI! 4. 'I'm Feeling lucky!' feature added: It takes a key randomly from your key log and encrypts your message! That's cool, isn't it!? :D 5. Cryptex supports special characters! We know that you guys had a hard time reading the decrypted messages which had no special characters (I had the same problem and it was annoying too). So, we sat back, wrote lines of code in order to make your in app experience smoother and better! :D :P
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 125.24 kB
Version Flash (build 9695)
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements Java