With the development of internet, Date files on information and Knowledge, approach to electronic more and more. Such as e-book, PDF document, movies, etc. As electronic product can be copied, followed by copyright disputes and leakage of information. What is DRM system? The full name of DRM, Digital Rights Management, can be translated as: the contents of the digital copyright encryption protection technology. As determined by the characteristics of the digitized information must have a unique technology to strengthen copyright protection of digitized audio and video program content, the technology is digital rights management technology --- DRM What is linksafe? Linksafe help to build your own DRM system easily. You can create your own data encryption solution, and do not require too much knowledge of computer and encryption. Linksafe support type of data format? Linksafe supports a variety of data formats, it depends on the type of player Linksafe support. Fortunately, Linksafe is to support a variety of player, example, PDF reader, media, as well as the VLC player, etc. So, these player or reader supported formats are supported, such as PDF, MP3, MP4, AVI, RMVB, and other formats. About the players not mentioned above, we may support, but not tested. And we are trying to support the growing number of players. Some of the company's confidential documents and design drawings need to give employees to use ,even the employees need to take out the files from company and to show clients. But the company doesn't want employees to free copy company's important files. At the same time, how to recover the staff permissions for company's important files when the employees to resign from the company. You are a teacher, and you recorded some teaching courseware, but don't want the courseware to circulate freely in the online. You are a traditional paper publisher,want to publish e-book.
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