About Today more than ever we store a large amount of private and personal data on laptops or other portable media. But if these devices were lost or stolen a stranger would have access to all of this information. The sad truth is thousands of memory sticks, laptops and portable media devices are lost or stolen every year, it is essential to ensure you are protecting your data in order to safeguard your privacy. Features Encrypt Your data anywhere: Secure your USB memory sticks, CD's and DVD's, Our portable safe software allows you to protect your data no matter where it is stored. Defeat Key with our virtual keyboard: Keyloggers can record your keystrokes and passwords, EncryptMyFile supports virtual Keyboards to counter such threats, even on public computers. Full AES 256-BIT Encryption: We use the uncrackable and world renowned 256-bit AES encryption algorithm, with our fully tested implementation all your data is fully protected. Secure your passwords: our password strength meter ensures you know how strong your password is. Easy and simple to use: You get a simple drag and drop interface, so that you can add your files easily. Secure interface: We use our own custom built secure interface so even on a compromised system your data remains secure.
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