Secure your data with a few mouse clicks. Features: Automatic encryption of any number of files on your computer; Automatic creation of strongly encrypted ZIP-like archives ; Encryption with password and with digital encryption key; Automatic permanent deletion of any number of files on your computer; Automatic archiving files on your hard disk; Automatic deletion of cookie-files; Automatic clearing Internet history; Automatic deletion of temporary Internet files; Executing any number of tasks with a few mouse clicks; Easy in use SecureTask Wizard; FineCrypt is the only program which you can check for correctness of encryption; 10 strongest encryption algorithms, including 5 AES finalists: MARS, RC-6, Rijndael(AES), Serpent, Twofish; 4 encryption modes: ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB (see FineCrypt's Help for details);
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Operating System Windows Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows XP Windows 95
System Requirements
  • All Windows