Tamalin Panther

Panther is a cryptographic program written in Java and is designed to be secretive. Panther offers installers and packages that can be used with Linux or Windows, but it is also available as a single executable file that can be stored on a flash drive or removable (and possibly hidden or locked away) media. Panther can also be a secretive, and hidden. It enables various degrees of concealment and invisibility. These include The ability to lock and unlock the display (Which hides the text on the screen), and the ability to hide the entire screen (Which sets the screens size to a width of 0, and a height of 0). Panther works fully with Linux, Windows, and Mac, but it is designed mostly for Linux users. Panther also has the advantage of being Tri-Langual, and runs well in English, Spanish, and Italian, thanks to Google Language Tools. This tool can be ideal for sending sensitive information over non-secure protocols, like IM. IM conversations are stored on a server somewhere and can be easily read by anybody, but If Panther is used to encrypt information before being sent, the Advanced Encryption Standard can ensure privacy.
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Operating System Windows 2003 Windows Me Windows 7 Windows Windows Vista Windows XP Windows NT Windows 2000