zenPassword is a user-friendly password manager application which stores your login details (usernames and passwords) in a strongly-encrypted, master-password protected datafile. Quick access to your password records is facilitated through the usage of auto-filter and column sort functions. Once your password record has been located, you can login by simply copying the username/password from zenPassword into the appropriate field in the Web site or application. zenPassword addresses the modern issue of how to remember the various login usernames and passwords for the Web sites / forums / applications which you may use in day-to-day life. Some people use similar or easy to guess passwords for each website or application. Others may store password details in an unsecured form, such as an Excel spreadsheet. All of these are serious security issues which provide opportunities for unscrupulous persons to steal your money and/or identity and otherwise compromise your valuable data. zenPassword addresses the issue by allowing you securely store your login details so that you do not need to remember passwords or store your login records in an insecure manner. This allows you to use more varied and difficult to guess passwords than otherwise would be possible. zenPassword uses a 256-bit encryption algorithm which provides a very high level of protection for your password data. This encryption scheme is considered very difficult to break using techniques such as brute-force attacks.
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Operating System Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 Windows 2003 Windows 2000 Windows Windows Vista Windows XP