CryptoHeaven offers online, Internet accessible secure services: Secure Free and Premium Email Secure File Storage, File Sharing and File Distribution Secure Instant Messaging and Chatting 2048 to 4096 bit Asymmetric and 256 bit Symmetric Key Encryption No Third Party Keyholder Automatic Key and Contact Management All services integrated and available from a single user interface No Personal Information - no names, no addresses, no credit card numbers required System Free from any type of Snooping and Interference, including any and all types of governments and "authorities" CryptoHeaven is developed to accelerate wide spread use of highest-grade cryptography and distributed without restrictions upon its further dissemination. CryptoHeaven is a user-friendly, no-compromise information-heaven crypto system, where no third party, including server administrators and others, have access to plain text version of transmitted information. Information is stored in encrypted form on the server as generated by the client, and only the sender and the recipient possess the keys to gain access to the information. Having the entire log of all transmissions made and all of the data stored on the server does not give access to the plain text version of information. We use only the finest in cryptography, including an AES symmetric Rijndael cipher with 256 bit symmetric key, public-key cryptography with 2048-4096 bit asymmetric keys, and SHA-256 message digest function.
Price USD29
License Free
File Size 6.77 MB
Version 1.0 build 7
Operating System Windows Windows 98 Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows 95
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP