Airscanner Mobile Encrypter

Airscanner Mobile Encrypter is an advanced, attractive and easy to use encryption/decryption solution that both beginners and experts can enjoy. With its simple interface, you can create volumes that hold all your sensitive data, or use the interface to maintain granular control over the encryption/decryption at files or folder level. Using a fast and secure 168-bit 3DES protection, the Encrypter balances speed/process use/battery life for an efficient, yet usable encryption/decryption functionality. In addition to manual control, the Encryptor can be configured for auto-encryption after a specified time to ensure your data is encrypted if your device sits unused. Passwords can be set for each file, or you may choose to use one global password to lock/unlock single sign-on, transparently encrypted volumes.
LicenseFree to try
File Size231.5 kB
Operating System Windows Mobile 5.x Windows Mobile 6.x Mobile Windows Mobile
System Requirements2 MB of RAM Windows Mobile device with built-in WiFi and a compatible network card