From the developer: ""KoloSoft SE is a concise version of KoloSoft Intruder. It is compact in size, only uses 6 MB of disk space, and is ideal for older computers with less memory and downloads in 19 minutes 27 seconds on a 56K modem or 2 minutes 13 seconds on DSL / cable modem. Yet, SE is powerful enough to capture everything a computer user enters or where they visit online. KoloSoft SE is completely hidden within your computer system after installation. The only way to access it is by entering a password, which you choose, on your keyboard after a series of keystrokes. Each activity is logged with the date and time, keystrokes entered, what application was used along with the computer name and person who is logged on to that computer. Internet activity logs the web site?s URL, the name of the site, date time, computer name and the person who visited the site and what Window/Browser was used.""
LicenseFree to try
File Size5.55 MB
Operating System Windows 95 Windows XP Windows NT Windows Me Windows 2000 Windows Windows 98
System RequirementsWindows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP