Use PrintEco to automatically reduce your printing costs and carbon footprint. PrintEco software employs smart algorithms to optimize printable content to fit on fewer pages using less ink. The software integrates seamlessly into the applications you use most often to print: Microsoft Outlook - emails have a funny way of printing with only two lines on the last page. Save that page with PrintEco and for bonus savings, use the graphical print dialog to quickly select only the pages you want to print. Microsoft Excel - never again print that extra column all on its own page. PrintEco automatically tests margin size, zoom level and page layout to find the optimal page-saving format for each document. Microsoft Word - minimize white space in a single click, without sacrificing readability! Microsoft PowerPoint - Slide presentations are ripe for PrintEco optimization, especially when printing slides with notes for a meeting or seminar. Choose from several preset layouts or customize to take full control! Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome - printing news articles and other documents from the web almost always results in paper waste due to all the advertisements and irrelevant content on a typical webpage. PrintEco reduces cluttered webpages down to article text and, after basic optimization, lets users quickly and intuitively select which segments of the document to print. PrintEco Analytics - upgrade to PrintEco Analytics to measure your savings and environmental impact. With PrintEco, optimization is automatic. This means that when you click Print, the software will instantly scan your document behind the scenes and detect whether it can fit on fewer pages. If so, you will receive a message letting let you know exactly how many pages PrintEco can save, and giving you the option to optimize. Since optimization is always optional, you don't have to worry about PrintEco changing the formatting of your formal deliverable documents.
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Version 1.4.1
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