Scimark Processors Linux Clusters PowerPC

This is the Scimark Processors series extending to clusters for Linux systems based on PowerPC 64bit nodes. This is a native Linux program developed on Software Emulated PowerPC 64-bit systems. It could be a useful tool for making a comparison of the performance of processor systems among different CPU architectures (RISC / CISC even RISC / RISC). It also aims to make a reasonable benchmark for clusters, showing and comparing their computing power to traditional SMP single computing units. In order to make the software running, basic clusters need to be set up and MPI packages also need to be configured well. The results will be filed every run onto a master node. Within the package, there are two packs for the implementation of OPENMPI / MPICH respectively. It may suit different cluster environments and help to understand the diversity of MPI.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 115.57 kB
Version 2021.10.22
Operating System Linux
System Requirements None