MMST Modbus Master Simulator Tester

Program allows to test communications with slave devices using Modebus RTU, Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU over TCP protocols. It allows to build registers maps with assigned data types to visualise exact values of readed registers. This version support 4 modbus functions: 01: Read Coil Status; 02: Read Input Status; 03: Read Holding Registers; 04: Read Input Registers; and allows to visualize values in following data formats: HEX, BIN, BYTES, ASCII, BIT, SInt8 (ShortInt), UInt8 (Byte), SInt16 (SmallInt) AABB, SInt16 (SmallInt) BBAA, UInt16 (Word) AABB, UInt16 (Word) BBAA, SInt32 (Integer, LongInt) AABB CCDD, SInt32 (Integer, LongInt) CCDD AABB, SInt32 (Integer, LongInt) BBAA DDCC, SInt32 (Integer, LongInt) DDCC BBAA, UInt32 (LongWord) AABB CCDD, UInt32 (LongWord) CCDD AABB, UInt32 (LongWord) BBAA DDCC, UInt32 (LongWord) DDCC BBAA, Int64 AABB CCDD EEFF GGHH, Int64 GGHH EEFF CCDD AABB, Int64 BBAA DDCC FFEE HHGG, Int64 HHGG FFEE DDCC BBAA, UInt64 AABB CCDD EEFF GGHH, UInt64 GGHH EEFF CCDD AABB, UInt64 BBAA DDCC FFEE HHGG, UInt64 HHGG FFEE DDCC BBAA, Single (Float) AABB CCDD, Single (Float) CCDD AABB, Single (Float) BBAA DDCC, Single (Float) DDCC BBAA, Double (Real) AABB CCDD EEFF GGHH, Double (Real) GGHH EEFF CCDD AABB, Double (Real) BBAA DDCC FFEE HHGG, Double (Real) HHGG FFEE DDCC BBAA. Moreover software automatically shows communication log between master and the slave.
LicenseFree to try
File Size932.68 kB
Operating System Windows 2003 Windows 8 Windows Windows Vista Windows 10 Windows Server 2008 Windows XP Windows 7