This Application is used to test a ddos on your website. It uses 3 methods in order to generate packets. 1. TCP; 2. UDP; 3. HTTP. NOTE : This Application is for Educational purpose only. Developers are not responsible for misuse of this Application. Don't test it without taking permission of website's owner. SideNote: This app creates random packets of Size provided by user and sends them to given Ip address. Note that the app is only as powerfull as the device. We as developers put no restrictions on App capacity, however overloading your phone with more power than it can handle may result into unexpected outcomes. The Port No. field is also as important as the IP/URL field and has to match the port no on which the service is running. Common Port Nos: HTTP : 80; HTTPS : 443; FTP : 20/21.
License Free
Version 2.3
Operating System Android