SimpleActivityLogger is a Windows service that records the following events: System Startup & Shutdown; User Logon & Logoff; Console Lock & Unlock; Screen Saver start & stop; Fast User Switch. There is also a small GUI application that allows the user to view the log, append comments to it, edit it, and change the settings. SimpleActivityLogger is most useful for people who need to track their computer usage during the course of a day for billing purposes. It is also useful for tracking the usage of a shared computer. SimpleActivityLogger is not a snooping program. It is not intended to hide, or spy on a user, or to be in any way covert. If you're looking for a program to secretly spy on users then look elsewhere. Its also not especially secure; events are logged to a plain text file in the public application data folder, which means the file can be read (and edited) by any user. The reason for this is that it was designed for use in a single user environment, where the user simply wants to log the supported events as an aide-mmoire for computer usage, say for filling in timesheets or recording billable time. Logging is achieved using a Windows Service called SimpleActivityLogger. If you stop or disable this service, then logging will be disabled. SimpleActivityLogger v2.x is compatible with Windows XP onwards, and Windows Server 2003 onwards. You will require local administrator privileges to install SimpleActivityLogger but thereafter it will work fine with a Limited User account.
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