CPU, as a central component of a computer system, has been required as a unit which can dynamically handle more and more threads, and thus single thread application can benefit from thread-splitting or thread-relaying, multi-thread application can benefit from physical level threads-oriented optimizations, together with dynamic power consumption/frequency adjustment, the computing power of a processing system then is determined. By current computer architecture, it is considered that physical memory (mostly managed by hardware side) and virtual memory (mostly managed by operating system side on drives slower than physical memory) together as a memory system is a non-divisional part of forming a processing system. And thus minimizing the bottle-neck of memory system can be a cost-effective way to improve overall processing performance. SciMark Processors is a software pack in SciMark serials to quickly measure computing power of a processing system by executing its instructions single-thread and multi-thread. It will automatically show efficiency of threading. It is more focusing on showing advance of larger scale multi-threading and stability of such system. It is a kind of software to show how multi-processor system can improve total computing power and how multi-thread request demands more system resources. The performance shown is indicating the software compiled by a certain compiler, the results would vary with compilations.
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