XPM-Web/HTTP is a commercial-quality, enterprise-class Web/HTTP monitoring and analysis product, is one of the important functional groups of the XPM Platform. Suitable for monitoring and analyzing Web servers with traditional architecture (non-cloud). Traffic analysis and performance monitoring for Web/HTTP is achieved by analyzing each HTTP session. No interference to WebServer, more secure. XPM-Web/HTTP is a mature product with commercial quality, accurate KPI analysis, complete functional design, and good ease of use. Application scenarios include: 1. Early warning web processing performance degradation; and positioned to cause an abnormal HTTP session; 2. The alert HTTP error return code is incremented; and is located to the HTTP session that caused the error; 3. Sorting the URL with the longest processing time; 4. Sorting the URL with the most error return codes; 5. Record and query every HTTP user's access; 6. Backtracking analysis of the operating rules of Web access. Performance KQI for Web/HTTP include: 1. HTTP processing delay; 2. URL transmission delay; 3. Server/client link communication delay; 4. Server/client handshake delay; 5. HTTP session return code ratio.
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License Free
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Version 6.0.1
Operating System Linux, Ubuntu
System Requirements Ubuntu Server-14.04.3