VPS is a powerful virtual layered network protocol IDE or integrated development environment that can be used for: 1) Fast prototyping and deployment of protocol stacks in data network solutions including IoT and VoIP. 2) Quality Assurance as a tool to validate network and device quality. 3) Emulation of impaired network conditions and devices in a controlled fashion. 4) Generation of any type of traffic with full control. VPS supports several state-of-the-art technologies including: 1) Protocol Emulation: L2, L3, L4 and Application layer protocols. 2) RTC and VoIP signaling via SIP and SIPs. 3) RTC and VoIP media via RTP and SRTP. 4) Emulation and support of media players, media recorders, camera, microphone, text-to-speech (TTS) and automatic speech recognition (ASR). 5) Speech codecs 6) Video codecs 7) Tone generation and detection. 8) IoT sensor and actuator emulation. 9) IoT CoAP and HTTP support. 10) Impairment insertion at all layers; loss and latency for different distributions including Markov two-state wireless loss model. 11) Software defined protocol emulation (SDPE) with controllers and agents distributed throughout a network. 12) Dynamic, passive and active network quality estimation at all layers including standard VoIP MOS scores. 13) LUA based scripting for customized behavior. 14) Routing, NAT and STUN capabilities. 15) IPv4 and IPv6. 16. Transport Protocols including UDP, TCP, DTLS, TLS. 17. ICMP, DHCP and DNS support.
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