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With MAMSoft Whois, you'll find a domain data instantly, and if the domain does not exist, you can register it immediately. List of domain extensions available: .ac, .ad, .ae, .aero, .af, .ag, .ai, .am, .arpa, .as, .asia, .at, .au, .be, .bg, .bi, .biz, .bj, .bo, .br, .by, .ca, .cat, .cc, .cd, .ch, .ci, .cl, .cn, .co,,, .com,, .coop, .cx, .cz, .de, .dk, .dm, .dz, .ec, .edu, .ee, .es, .eu, .fi, .fm, .fo, .fr, .gd, .gg, .gi, .gl, .gov, .gr, .gs, .gy, .hk, .hn, .hr, .ht, .hu, .ie, .il, .im, .in, .info, .int, .io, .iq, .ir, .is, .it, .je, .jobs, .jp, .ke, .kg, .ki, .kr, .kz, .la, .lc, .li, .lk, .lt, .lu, .lv, .ly, .ma, .md, .me, .mg, .mil, .mn, .mo, .mobi, .mp, .ms, .mu, .museum, .mx, .my, .na, .name, .nc, .net, .nf, .ng, .nl, .no, .nu, .nz, .om, .org, .pe, .pl, .pm, .post, .pr, .pro, .pt, .qa, .re, .ro, .rs, .ru, .sa, .sb, .sc, .se, .sg, .sh, .si, .sk, .sm, .sn, .so, .st, .su, .sx, .tc, .tel, .tf, .th, .tk, .tm, .tn, .to, .tr, .travel, .tv, .tw, .tz, .ua, .ug, .uk, .us, .uy, .uz, .vc, .ve, .vg, .wf, .ws, .xxx, .yt.
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